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Cloud Workloads Customers Business Percent Organizations
- In the past few years, organizations have weathered unprecedented change as they have had to adapt to macro-economic, political, and societal challenges. These challenges are not going away—the business outlook remains uncertain with ongoing concerns, including inflation, supply chain disruptions, and rising energy prices. Microsoft believes the best way to prepare for this uncertainty is for organizations to do more with less—less complexity and cost, with more agility, resilience, ... [Read More]

Security Cloud Microsoft Customers Azure Vulnerabilities
- Our digital world is changing, with more persistent, sophisticated, and driven cybercriminals. As risks increase and threats compound, trust is more important than ever. Customers need to be able to trust in the technology platforms they invest in to build and run their organizations. As one of the largest cloud service providers, we build trust by helping our customers be secure from the start and do more with the security of our cloud platforms that's built in, embedded, and out of the ... [Read More]

Mfa Security Users Access Hackers Microsoft
- With many companies shifting to multi-factor authentication (MFA) for verifying users, hackers have had to change their approach. Microsoft recently issued a warning that threat actors are gaining ground by adapting their techniques to bypass MFA protections. Luckily, the company has advice on how businesses can mitigate these attacks making things more difficult for remote workers. The Rise of MFA Five years ago, most companies still relied on password access to resources. That became a ... [Read More]

Windows Version Windows 11 Latest Version Pc Update
- We select and review products independently. When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission. What Is the Latest Version of Windows 11? The latest version of Windows 11 is the 2022 Update, which is version 22H2. Microsoft released the update on September 20, 2022. You can install it from Windows Update or by running Microsoft's downloadable Installation Assistant. The latest version of Windows 11 is the 2022 Update, version "22H2," which was named "Sun Valley 2" during development. ... [Read More]

Cloud Defender Security Version Azure Microsoft
- Learn how to enable Defender for Cloud, the differences between the basic and enhanced versions, and what they can do for your security posture. We may be compensated by vendors who appear on this page through methods such as affiliate links or sponsored partnerships. This may influence how and where their products appear on our site, but vendors cannot pay to influence the content of our reviews. For more info, visit our Terms of Use page . Cloud security has become a must for every ... [Read More]

Teams Microsoft Users November Room Features
- Microsoft rolled out dozens of new features for Teams in November, as well as an under-the-hood performance upgrade.  Fans of polls now have a one-click instant poll feature that lets meeting participants quickly round up opinions with binary responses like yes/no, thumb up/down, heart/broken heart. These can be done on the fly by presenters, so they can be reactive rather than pre-staged. Microsoft boasts that Teams is the only app with one-click instant binary polling. "With our ... [Read More]


Azure Cilium Microsoft Cilium Enterprise Features Kubernetes
- This post was co-authored by Narayan Annamalai, Partner PM Manager, Microsoft Azure. As cloud-native applications are experiencing astronomical growth, customers are constantly demanding to scale their Kubernetes and containerized deployments with rich feature sets for network security and observability and without degrading their network performance. With the above in mind, we are excited about this partnership to enhance our platform to bring the power of eBPF natively in ... [Read More]

Smartscreen Certificate Windows Ev Code Defender Signing
- While purchasing the Code Signing Certificate, particularly EV Code Signing Certificate, we all came across the term Windows Defender SmartScreen. But, only a few understand the term correctly and purchase the right digital solution. SmartScreen has become a prominent security Windows OS security mechanism, helping users to prevent cyber threats. It blocks installations if it doesn't recognize the publisher. This is why every publisher looks for a certificate compatible with SmartScreen ... [Read More]

Entra Admin Center Microsoft Workload Identities Access Identity
- Microsoft is releasing a staged rollout of the Entra admin center to unify identity and access for Microsoft 365 and Azure AD customers. Microsoft is releasing a staged rollout of the Entra admin center for Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory customers, to unify Azure AD with other identity and access products. According to the Redmond, Wash.-based company, the move is part of a vision for identity that goes beyond traditional identity management to give customers an entire toolset to ... [Read More]

Microsoft Lockheed Martin Bae Systems Simulation Capabilities Gems
- Microsoft is collaborating with defense sector companies as DOD seeks to increase its gaming, exercising, modeling and simulation capabilities. Microsoft has formed partnerships with BAE Systems and other firms in recent months to help enhance the Defense Department's goals for gaming, exercising, modeling and simulation—or GEMS—according to a blog post published by the company on Tuesday.  Wes Anderson, the vice president for defense at Microsoft Federal, said in the blog post ... [Read More]


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