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Windows Version Updates Update Microsoft Windows 10
- Windows 10 22H2 can be enabled on a fully updated 21H2 install with a few commands. Microsoft has had almost nothing to say about the next major update to Windows 10 beyond the fact that the operating system will keep getting yearly updates for the foreseeable future . But the Windows 10 22H2 update is actually already out there for those who know how to install it. Neowin has published a list of commands that can be typed into the Command Prompt or Windows Terminal to turn a fully updated ... [Read More]

Data Analytics Services Azure Azure Data Lake Business
- Microsoft offers an array of options for data analytics in its cloud that are meant to operate together as a full analytics stack. Here is an overview of the core services and where each fits. If you can't make sense of your business data, you're effectively flying blind. Insights hidden in your data are essential for optimizing business operations, finetuning your customer experience, and developing new products — or new lines of business, like predictive maintenance. Analytics is the ... [Read More]

Source: cio.com

Cost Management Microsoft Updates Resources Budget
- Microsoft Cost Management updates – June 2022 Whether you're a new student, a thriving startup, or the largest enterprise, you have financial constraints, and you need to know what you're spending, where, and how to plan for the future. Nobody wants a surprise when it comes to the bill, and this is where Microsoft Cost Management comes in. We're always looking for ways to learn more about your challenges and how Microsoft Cost Management can help you better understand where you're ... [Read More]

Webview2 Devices Windows Runtime Microsoft Developers
- The move should reduce the load on developers to distribute WebView2 apps. Microsoft is bringing its Edge WebView2 runtime for embedding web components into apps to more Windows 10 consumer devices.  WebView 2, which is built on Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser, is included as part of Windows 11 but for Windows 10, Microsoft has recommended developers distribute and install the runtime with their applications.  WebView2 is a control for integrating web content into an app , ... [Read More]

Source: zdnet.com

Microsoft Tenants Tenant Management Office Microsoft 365
- Are you planning to run a multi-tenant Microsoft 365 deployment? Microsoft 365 multi-tenancy has many benefits. It allows you to cut costs and streamline management by having a single console for all tenants. But there are things you should consider before making this move. Tenants are the individual organizations that have been assigned a specific set of Office 365 resources. The tenant is the sole entity that will have access to its own data and applications in the cloud. Multi-Tenant refers ... [Read More]

Mars Express Software Mars Marsis Spacecraft Years
- The software was originally designed over 20 years ago based on the now-outdated Microsoft system. The days of dial-up internet, AOL Instant Messenger, and Myspace may be over on Earth, but on Mars, the early years of the internet still live on. A Martian spacecraft has been running on software designed more than 20 years ago in a proprietary environment based on Microsoft Windows 98, and is long overdue for an upgrade. The European Space Agency (ESA) is updating its Mars Express orbiter's ... [Read More]

Source: gizmodo.com

Powershell Remoting Powershell Agencies Windows Credentials Management
- The Microsoft program – PowerShell – has granted malicious actors in major hacks remote command and control ability over victims, but, by the same token, it can improve cybersecurity management across an enterprise. Risks associated with PowerShell—a Microsoft program that enables remote management and the automation of tasks—can be mitigated by proper configuration and removing it would come at a cost to security, according to a joint advisory from the Cybersecurity and ... [Read More]

Source: gcn.com

Server Database Azure Postgresql Flexible Server Instance
- Run open-source databases in the cloud while Microsoft does the work for you. Microsoft's cloud comes with many different databases at as many different price points. You can go the open-source route with MySQL or MariaDB, use Microsoft's own SQL Server in several different guises or build a NoSQL document database using Cosmos DB. However, one option spans many different use cases, and as it's built on one of the most popular open source databases, is both efficient and capable. (TechRepublic ... [Read More]

Powershell Windows New Zealand Security Nsa Defenders
- PowerShell is often abused by attackers but defenders should not switch off the Windows command-line tool, warn cybersecurity agencies. Cybersecurity authorities from the US, the UK, and New Zealand have advised businesses and government agencies to properly configure Microsoft's built-in Windows command-line tool, PowerShell – but not to remove it.     Defenders shouldn't disable PowerShell, a scripting language, because it is a useful command-line interface for Windows ... [Read More]

Source: zdnet.com

Noaa Azure Space Satellite Cloud Satellites
- How can Microsoft empower satellite operators to focus on their mission and enable them to continue the operation of their satellites, without making capital investments in their ground infrastructure? To answer that question, Microsoft worked alongside the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ), and our partner Xplore , to demonstrate how the commercial cloud can provide satellite mission management for NOAA's legacy polar satellites (NOAA-18)—extending the mission life ... [Read More]

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