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App Teams Microsoft Tech Community Blog New Teams App Preview
- New Microsoft Teams app is twice as fast, uses half the system resources, is more intelligent and easier for IT to manage. Microsoft is launching the public preview of a new Microsoft Teams app for Windows that the company says is twice as fast and uses half the system resources, the result of a ground-up investment designed to overhaul the platform to optimize the data, network, chat and video architecture for speed and performance. The company says the new Teams app is faster, simpler, more ... [Read More]

Teams Microsoft Copilot Users Meeting Apps
- Join top executives in San Francisco on July 11-12, to hear how leaders are integrating and optimizing AI investments for success Microsoft continues to place Copilot technology front-and-center in its product line, as evidenced today with its debut of a new, rehauled version of Teams with Copilot-driven AI smarts . The update, which is currently in public preview for Windows users, will simplify day-to-day work while speeding performance. A little over a week ago, Microsoft announced the ... [Read More]

Microsoft Loop Users Loop Microsoft Work App
- Microsoft Loop is a new tool designed to enhance collaboration across productivity apps while keeping users in the flow of work. Microsoft is launching the public preview of the Loop app, a new tool designed to bring together teams, content and tasks across users' tools and devices. The company calls Loop a new app that "combines a powerful and flexible canvas with portable components that move freely and stay in sync across apps," helping teams to collaborate together in the flow of work. This ... [Read More]

Microsoft Partners Partner Solutions Marketplace Customers
- Microsoft announced yesterday it is expanding the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) Solutions Partner designations for ISV solutions and training solutions providers, enhancing its efforts for diverse-led partners, and continuing its AI push, in a wide-ranging press briefing on the state of the partner ecosystem led by Nicole Dezen (pictured), chief partner officer and corporate vice president, Global Partner Solutions. "Six months ago, we launched the new Cloud Partner Program that brings ... [Read More]

Openai Copilot Github Chatgpt Gpt Plugins
- ChatGPT Plugins, GPT-4 in Azure OpenAI Service and GitHub Copilot X are some ChatGPT-related announcements you may have missed this week. Microsoft and OpenAI continue to make announcements on their latest AI models and ChatGPT, and just this week announced three new innovations designed to help organizations work more efficiently and intelligently. Quite frankly, Microsoft, OpenAI and others are making new AI announcements faster than we can keep up, so here is a breakdown of three big ... [Read More]

Security Network Rules Vnets Connectivity Traffic
- Enterprise-scale management and configuration of your network resources in Azure are key to keeping costs down, reducing operational overhead, and properly connecting and securing your network presence in the cloud. We are happy to announce Azure Virtual Network Manager (AVNM), your one-stop shop for managing the connectivity and security of your network resources at scale, is generally available. What is Azure Virtual Network Manager? AVNM works through a main process of group, configure, ... [Read More]

Copilot Github Code Chat Github Copilot Developers
- Microsoft-owned GitHub is overhauling its Copilot system today to integrate OpenAI's GPT-4 model and bring chat and voice support to its AI pair programmer. GitHub Copilot is getting a giant upgrade, as part of an overarching "Copilot X" vision, that includes a new ChatGPT-like experience inside code editors, allowing the chatbot to recognize and explain code and recommend changes and fix bugs. "With Copilot X we're laying out our future vision of Copilot, which means AI is at every step of the ... [Read More]


Data Azure Data Petrel Energy Petrel Data Services Trade
- Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Energy is the first fully managed OSDU™ Data Platform built for the energy industry. This solution is the first step in unraveling the challenge of data—moving from disparate systems and disconnected applications to a holistic approach. The product's ideation directly reflects the partnership between Microsoft and SLB , capitalizing on each organization's unique expertise. As the energy industry works to achieve a sustainable low carbon future, ... [Read More]

Wordpress Azure Service Content App Microsoft
- Learn about Microsoft's WordPress on Azure App Service, as well as an interesting alternative from WP Engine. Twenty years old this year, WordPress remains one of the most popular content management tools. Running a WordPress instance requires a web server and a database, an ideal combination for moving to a virtual infrastructure running in the cloud, either using platform services or bringing your own infrastructure. Bringing your own WordPress installation to Azure still requires managing ... [Read More]

Microsoft Copilot Data Chat Features Jared Spataro
- Will Microsoft's AI Copilot revolutionize Office docs and workers' experience or is it just an omniscient version of Clippy? Microsoft finally unveiled its generative AI-powered assistant , and reviews seem to be mixed. Copilot will either revolutionize Office documents and the entire knowledge worker experience or … not. ArsTechnica's Andrew Cunningham described it as an "omniscient version of Clippy," the much-maligned sentient paper clip. In a blog post, Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice ... [Read More]

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