IT Services Maturity Assessment

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IT Services Maturity Assessment

IT Service Delivery Maturity Assessment & Optimization

IT service delivery matters more than ever. From the Service Desk to desktop engineers, each interaction is an opportunity to affect the perception and reputation of IT within your organization. If your team is operationally effective, they can provide better service to users and deliver cost-savings to the business. If your team is failing to meet expectations, IT will always be falling behind – and unable to tackle strategic work that supports the business.

In today’s hybrid workplace, employees depend on their internal IT organization to get support anytime, anywhere. Many IT organizations are struggling to operationalize this new normal and need to know how to scale, secure, and optimize hybrid support operations and keep their customers (and IT staff) happy.


How do we get there from here?

Innovating service delivery comes with experience – Virteva has a wealth of knowledge gained from serving thousands of customers every day for more than (15) years. We are ready to share our insights into how to scale and optimize your service delivery. With our IT Service Delivery Maturity Assessment, you get access to our service delivery experts who will review the current state of IT service delivery in your organization and make valuable recommendations for you and your teams to optimize your services.

Whether you are wanting to increase first-call resolution, increase capacity without impacting staffing, shape customer demand to self-service, improve service levels, reduce ticket backlogs, improve customer satisfaction – or all of the above, Virteva can help you build a roadmap toward your vision.

    Our experts have helped customers who:

    • We’re scaling from “scrappy startup” to big company – and needed to know how to mature operations as contacts increased
    • Merged support teams through M&A – and needed assistance assessing practices, technology, and knowledge to combine operations in the best way possible
    • Needed to increase support coverage to handle customers in more time zones or global locations without major staffing impacts
    • Needed assistance in evaluating new ITSM software right sized for their needs
    • Wanted to change from a reactive support model to an organized and proactive model using ITIL practices (instead of fighting fires) to change Its reputation in the organization and increase customer satisfaction
    • We’re struggling to realize support improvements through the investment of ServiceNow alone and needed to gain understanding of how to manage processes and organizational change for true ROI.

    Each of these customers had unique visions and goals that required Virteva’s team to conduct tailored discovery activities to gain the right information and understand the path they needed to take to achieve those outcomes

    Discovery Insights to Action Plan

    During discovery, we start by working with you to identify your major requirements, goals, and objectives you have for your team. With those goals in mind, we conduct interviews, shadow technicians, and review reporting to gain an understanding of your IT Service Delivery current state. We leave no stone unturned to gain a deep understanding of baseline operations to build data-driven recommendations and teach throughout the engagement. Our discovery process never fails to surprise us as data analysis, qualitative interviews, shadowing sessions and other findings are brought forth for review.

    The assessment deliverable will include complete documentation of the service delivery baseline measurements, a detailed review of current service impact risk and process maturity, critical operations gaps with a detailed set of prioritized recommendations. Also included is a sequenced roadmap to ensure all recommendations are considered with other dependencies unique to each customer’s operations and overall change capacity. Post-assessment, Virteva can help long term to manage the implementation of recommendations, by rolling up our sleeves alongside your team and working the plan. This co-work can be extremely helpful for customers that need extra capacity to get critical initial recommendations in place.

    World-class service delivery operations will not fall into place on their own. Virteva is ready and uniquely poised to give you and your team the tactical steps to get there.

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    “It was very helpful to get some additional supporting metrics and a view of the order to attack different items. The most valuable piece was getting a handle on our call metrics and getting the data in a format that it is now actionable.”