Virteva Specializes in Microsoft 365’s Identity and Security Solutions

Bringing years of in-depth experience with Microsoft’s identity and security solutions in Microsoft 365, Virteva can ensure you achieve true Zero Trust and comprehensive layered security across your entire organization

A Holistic Approach to Applying Comprehensive Security with Microsoft 365

Security is on every IT leader’s short list of everyday concerns. But with the abundance of tools and best practices available, it’s daunting to find the right fit for your organization. What tools will provide the strongest protection? What will safeguard both cloud and on-premises assets? What won’t frustrate end-users?

With the vast increase in security threats and risk to all organizations today, it’s absolutely essential to not just put in place a layered security apparatus, but also to ensure that your security operations are able to take full advantage of the capabilities that the myriad security tools and services are able to provide without falling into the trap of inefficiency and ineffectiveness that can render those tools inert when it comes to fully addressing threats.

Virteva has long been at the forefront of helping organizations approach Microsoft 365’s security tools, services, and capabilities and ensuring that there is a focus on not only the capabilities, but also the practical operation of those tools and services such that the response to threats can be fast, efficient, and effective in all circumstances.

As Microsoft continues to enhance and expand its security functionality within the Microsoft 365 stack, we provide expert-level assistance that can ensure that your organization takes full advantage of all of the benefits that come from a unified and comprehensive arrangement of its defense-in-depth capabilities.


Allow Virteva to Significantly Enhance Your IT Security with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)

Microsoft EMS (EM+S) is included as a part of the Microsoft 365 suite – the entire portfolio of cloud productivity, mobility, and security solutions consolidated into a single package.

Hybrid Work Mobility

In today’s ever mobile world, it’s increasingly important that your end-users have full access to their cloud platform from anywhere. Embrace the BYOD (“bring your own device”) culture with Microsoft EM+S and keep your employees productive where every they are – all within a highly secure Microsoft Cloud environment.

Enhanced Security

By migrating to Microsoft 365 you get to leverage Microsoft’s significant investment in cloud security. On top of this, you’ll gain access to near-instant threat detection – all while protecting all of your data down to the individual file level.

Easier End-User Access

All the EM+S solutions are designed around greater and more secure access for end-users. This includes access to team messaging – solutions that are perfect for business small to mid-market on top the larger enterprises.

Embracing Zero Trust as the Foundation of User and Data Protection

Modern IT security strategy natively includes the concept of Zero Trust as the foundation of a broader defense-in-depth approach to limiting your risk from cyber threats. Properly configuring and deploying Microsoft 365’s security tools in a manner that aligns to Zero Trust’s core principles of Verifying Explicitly, Using Least Privileged Access, and Assuming Breach across all users, endpoints, and infrastructure is table-stakes in today’s threat landscape. From the earliest days of Microsoft’s cloud security journey, Virteva has remained one of the most adept partners who have helped hundreds of organizations configure and deploy services like Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft 365 Defender’s various security service components, Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Information Protection and other Microsoft 365 security tools.  In addition to configuration and deployment, Virteva has the ability to provide IT and end user training plus 24x7x365 support, which ensures that your security operations remain vigilant at all times and able to respond instantly to any threats.

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