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Microsoft Identity + Security

Mobility and security for all your devices.

microsoft 365 enterprise solutions

Microsoft 365

We offer a full suite of enterprise solutions, including Copilot strategy.

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Microsoft + ServiceNow

Get your business up and running fast.

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Microsoft Defender

Fortify your cybersecurity with confidence.

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Microsoft Intune and Autopilot

Revolutionize your device management and deployment, offering scalable, secure, and automated processes for a modern workforce with our guidance.

A Proven Microsoft Cloud Partner for All Microsoft Products

Increase security, productivity, and collaboration with Microsoft Cloud Solutions by Virteva. More and more, digital leaders are looking to move their operation to the cloud. The reasons are clear: it provides a wider array of solutions to increase security, productivity, and drive collaboration among a global workforce. With Microsoft Cloud Solutions by Virteva, your organization can reduce capital expenses while increasing scalability, ultimately reducing technical debt.


Expertise in Microsoft Cloud Solutions

As a trusted Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, Virteva has the experience and knowledge to help forward-thinking organizations make the transition to the cloud, including migration, implementation, support, and beyond.

Our expertise spans the Microsoft portfolio of services and tools. With specialists in offerings like Azure, SCCM, and the Microsoft 365 stack including Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, we’ve helped hundreds of customers maximize their productivity, efficiency, and security on their journey to the cloud.

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A preferred Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner, with the Experience to Prove It

Our expertise across the Microsoft 365 portfolio of services and tools means we are uniquely positioned to help organizations implement and support Microsoft Cloud solutions. As specialists in offerings like Azure, SCCM, and the Microsoft 365 stack including Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, we’ve helped hundreds of customers maximize their productivity, efficiency, and security.

We’ve earned a number of competencies in the Microsoft portfolio, including:

Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner

 As a Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner, the company excels in deploying and optimizing Microsoft’s suite of productivity and collaboration tools, such as Microsoft 365 and Teams. This partnership signifies their expertise in enhancing workplace efficiency, fostering seamless communication, and enabling a secure, modern digital workspace tailored to meet the evolving needs of today’s dynamic business environment.

    Microsoft Security Solutions Partner

    As a Microsoft Security Solutions Partner, we specializes in implementing and managing Microsoft’s comprehensive security solutions, offering expertise in areas like identity and access management, threat protection, information protection, and security management. This partnership ensures clients receive top-tier, customized security strategies and support, leveraging Microsoft’s advanced tools and technologies to safeguard their digital assets and data.

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    microsoft partner silver

    At the Intersection of Microsoft and ServiceNow

    Today’s workers expect a digitally connected experience in the workplace. By leveraging ServiceNow in tandem with your Microsoft Cloud solutions, you find greater success in both platforms.

    As Gold Partners with both ServiceNow and Microsoft, we offer unique insights that single-focus providers cannot.

    Partner with Virteva and make your cloud transition a success

    Office 365

    At Virteva, we’ve helped hundreds of companies safely and swiftly migrate to the Office 365 cloud platform. No matter what legacy system you’re running, Virteva will seamlessly migrate all your existing data.

    • Create a migration plan customized to your organization
    • Integrate Office 365 with your other enterprise tools
    • Train your staff on usage and best practices to ensure adoption

    Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)

    Virteva has attained Gold competency in Microsoft EM+S by continually helping our customer solve security issues and manage the mobility of your cloud environment.

    • Seamlessly integrate your Microsoft EMS platform with Office 365 and Windows 10
    • Create the most secure and productive environment possible
    • Get comprehensive, multi-platform support
    • Identify and solve security breaches before they cause downtime and lasting damage


    Revolutionize your organization and IT capability with the power of Microsoft Azure – one of the most powerful cloud-based computing solutions in the world. Virteva will help you:

    • Evaluate your current cloud environment
    • Leverage any existing tools to achieve peak performance
    • Transform your on-site infrastructure into a dynamic, resilient, efficient, and powerful cloud-based solution

    Make Microsoft Our Priority

    We help manage the Microsoft tools to maximize ROI, value, and overall impact on your organization.

    Battle-tested Migration Methodologies

    We’ve distilled the lessons learned from hundreds of migrations into a set of repeatable best practices. Because of this, we conduct migrations in less time without sacrificing quality. And while we’re at it, we help introduce new and better ways of taking on-premises workloads and converting them to leverage the strengths and nuances of running in the cloud.

    Training and Adoption Services

    A successful go-live is about more than just configurations and data migration. It’s about the people who put the tools to work all day long. That’s why we make purpose-built training a part of every project we do. From the administrators to the end users, we strive to make sure your end-users know how to make the most of the tools at their disposal, customized to the things they need to accomplish.

    Management and Development Services

    Our proprietary, browser-based ManagedNow portal makes it easy and efficient to get expert resources for any Microsoft or ServiceNow project. Whether the need is for migrations to the cloud, new solutions that take advantage of cloud capabilities, managing your endpoints and cloud infrastructure, training your users, or anything in between, we can take on the precise areas where you need help the most.

    World-class 24/7 Support

    The success or failure of a large migration project is often determined during those crucial days following launch. That’s why our award-winning 24/7 Service Desk Transition Services are available with every migration project: to ensure you don’t miss a beat.