Microsoft 365 Security Crash Course and Zero-Trust Assessment

Gain deep understanding of the advanced security features within Microsoft 365 Security, combined with an assessment of your Zero-Trust state for meaningful action

Prepare for the threats of today and risks of the future

Advance your security knowledge and capabilities through a comprehensive review of the advanced security features and capabilities of Microsoft 365 along with an analysis of your Zero Trust alignment status.

Virteva’s Microsoft 365 security experts are adept at both explaining and applying the full breadth of security features, capabilities, and outputs associated with the tools and services within Microsoft 365. As the Microsoft 365 security suite continues to grow and expand, it’s critical to ensure that every organization adapts their understanding along the way, to help ensure that they’re getting the most value from this vast array of tools. In addition, Virteva’s experts will help you identify redundancies between security tools as compared to those within Microsoft 365, so that you’re able to make informed decisions about which tools are the most effective for your needs and security goals. Through a combination of presentation materials, interactive dialogue, and the use of real examples and demos, Virteva will ensure that you come away from the Microsoft 365 Security CrashCourse confident in the best choices for your own security needs, and where the Microsoft 365 security suite of tools and services most effectively applies to each organization individually and holistically.

Strengthen your cybersecurity scoreboard

Virteva’s Zero Trust Assessment enables an examination of your current security state in the context of what has become a foundational set of practical and effective capabilities relevant to every organization on the planet – Zero Trust.

Analyzing its key tenets of:

  1. Verify Explicitly
  2. Using least privileged access
  3. Assume breach at all times

Virteva will prepare a comprehensive report containing our analysis of your active alignment to the Zero Trust model, and our recommendations as to how you can further align with and enhance your security through additional measures that work towards an Optimal state. This can correlate to key outcomes such as (naturally) significantly reducing your risk and susceptibility to significant damage from malicious attacks, lowering your cyber security insurance rates, staying ahead of the latest compliance standards, and more generally operating in a manner that creates resiliency for your organization.

A partnership committed to optimizing your security operations

Virteva is set up to help you gain both short term and long-term benefits from the security capabilities within Microsoft 365. Through our combination of experts and world-class delivery teams spanning Consulting and Managed Services, we have the ability to architect, design, and implement your Microsoft 365 security services, as well as help you manage, administrate, and support them long-term. Virteva has gained immense insights through our Managed Services operations as to the long-term impact, overhead, and success of Microsoft 365 security services, which we use to help supply additional depth and advice in every interaction we have with organizations, and is certainly what we bake into our Microsoft 365 Security CrashCourse + Zero Trust Assessment offering. True success with security tools of any kind is not just implementation, but livability and sustainable management and reactivity to what those tools and services are revealing, so we ensure that organizations we work with are given the best practices recommendations that ensure long term success for their security estate.

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