Virteva Is Now a Microsoft Security Solutions Partner.

Aug 27, 2023

The Significance of Virteva’s Achievement 

This designation doesn’t just represent a title. It affirms Virteva’s expertise in contemporary security technologies and modern workplace solutions. Microsoft, an industry leader in digital technology, reserves such an accolade for firms that have consistently succeeded in implementing its cutting-edge tech solutions. 

For Virteva, this isn’t just about the technology but the broader mission – focusing on user experience and helping organizations in their digital transformation odyssey. 

Leveraging Microsoft’s Advanced Tech Stack 

Microsoft’s tools like the Azure Security Center, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, Microsoft Defender for Identity, and Azure Sentinel have set the gold standard in the industry. Virteva, utilizing this suite, offers organizations robust and scalable security solutions. 

With the Microsoft Defender Suite, Virteva helps create a seamless communication infrastructure and ensures it’s secure and robust. This synergy of modern work, user experience, and security makes this partnership between Virteva and Microsoft groundbreaking. 

Beyond Product Implementation: Virteva’s Professional and Managed Services. 

Virteva’s distinctiveness lies in its holistic approach.

Zach Brand, Senior Director of Delivery at Virteva, articulates this commitment, “Our association with Microsoft reinforces our dedication to offering extensive cybersecurity and workplace solutions.” But what does this mean for organizations? 

1. Consultation and Strategy: 

Before implementing any solution, it’s crucial to understand the organization’s needs. Virteva’s first step is to deeply engage with the organization, recognize its unique challenges, and curate bespoke strategies. 

2. Customization and Integration: 

Every organization has unique DNA – existing systems, workflows, and processes. Virteva’s expertise ensures that Microsoft’s solutions aren’t just implemented but integrated harmoniously, enhancing overall efficiency. 

3. Ongoing Managed Support: 

In the dynamic digital realm, having consistent, proactive support is invaluable. Virteva offers this peace of mind with its managed support services, allowing organizations to concentrate on their primary goals. 

Achieving the Security Solutions Partner designation isn’t the destination for Virteva but a milestone in its continued journey of innovation and commitment to customer success. Zach Brand continues, “A Microsoft partner that has attained both the Modern Work Solutions Partner and the Security Solutions Partner designation is limited to only a few dozen partners. We offer Professional and Managed services, and the number gets small.” The digital future is bright, with Virteva and Microsoft paving the way for organizations to thrive. 

As the digital landscape transforms, remember that having the right partner, like Virteva, can make all the difference between merely adapting and genuinely thriving. 

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