Managed IT Services & Microsoft Partner in Minneapolis

Nov 7, 2022

In this age of specialization, you can’t survive by hiring a fully specialized team for your operations. 

Sure, that’s great if you can, but most businesses can’t afford that. That’s where managed IT services like Virteva come in. 

These companies provide many benefits through packages, such as:

  • Proactive Security Services
  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Backup Services
  • Hosting Services
  • Close Collaboration

You get the best of the best from the industry, 24/7, available for you – at affordable prices.

But why Virteva?

Let’s find out.

The best experience 

Every company is different. But do you know what isn’t different? Your need for more complex technology as your company grows. And these can cost quite a lot to purchase individually. However, with the help of Virteva, you don’t need to. We provide services to companies of sizes, not just in Minnesota.

So, you let industry pros do what they are best at. 

While you focus on growing your business. 

So, what does this company situated in Minneapolis provide for your company? Quite a few things, including:

24/7 Help Desk

Dedicated, skilled help desk services assist you when needed to keep your company operating successfully. 

Thanks to Virteva’s flexible and highly accessible support desk services, you’ve always covered.

For seeking modifications or extensions to any of the offered services, we provide a specific ticket portal. 

More importantly, you can schedule a professional engineer for remote or onsite support at affordable prices if you need a specialist to help with a more urgent problem.

Virteva will provide:

  • Support for all users
  • Support for both Windows and macOS
  • Servers both on the ground and cloud
  • Networking gear

End User Onboarding and Offboarding

A great onboarding and offboarding system can make your organizational strategy incredibly efficient and streamlined. 

Your reputation as a company and its workflow highly depend on your employees’ experience in your company. 

The best onboarding and offboarding strategy is key to giving your employees a great experience.

Virteva will ensure that all new hires receive access to all the resources they need to perform their tasks. And will even ensure seamless retirement while protecting the company’s security.

You’ll get benefits like:

  • Automated onboarding and offboarding workflows
  • Delivers company assets
  • Acquires software licenses
  • Scheduled shut-offs of departed employees
  • Removes acquired licenses
  • Hardware resets

Device Management and Support

As workforce mobilization trends continue and companies have massive device inventories, these devices must be properly managed. 

This ensures the organization’s security policies and optimal efficiency.

You’ll have complete control over all the devices in your organization while fully optimizing them for utmost efficiency.

Virteva will provide:

  • Automated device enrollment
  • Unparalleled security
  • Efficient hardware management
  • Monitoring, tracking, and configuring devices
  • Application management

Proactive Security Services

Any good managed IT service provider should give proactive IT security. Especially one operating in Minneapolis; you don’t want to be left out in the cold by malware. 

Proactive security means dealing with threats that could develop into problems later instead of dealing with issues after they happen reactively.

Essential software and firmware updates often take a lot of time to manage. Depending on the needs, you need to cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity or need higher-level planning and strategy help to ensure your systems are secure – Virteva provides [number] managed IT solution package tiers.

These include:

  • Antivirus and malware protection
  • Deploying security updates
  • Managing patches
  • Scanning for vulnerabilities
  • Awareness instructions
  • Dark Web surveillance
  • Firewall testing
  • Spam filtration
  • DNS filtration

Monitoring And Alerting

As your company grows, so does your network. The complexity of scaling, security, and BYOD (bring your own device) can make it challenging to maintain your network. A professional team at Virteva will continuously monitor your network and handle the alarm processing and response.

Besides auditing, standardizing, and implementing best business practices for your networks, we can also build a reliable alerting system to monitor your environment. 

We’ll handle the alerts for you, or they can be sent to you. We also offer monthly reporting to help you manage your technological environment in our packages.

You’ll get benefits like:

  • Automated asset discover
  • keeping tabs on servers, firewalls, networking devices, and endpoints
  • Hardware inventory
  • Hardware safety
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Software inventory

Cloud Services

With companies leaning towards remote workstations, a reliable and secure cloud service is becoming necessary. But creating and maintaining a cloud service can be extremely costly. But Virteva’s got you covered.

Virteva will manage and organize all the applications and data of all the devices in your organization. They’ll handle all the upgrades, updates, and help desk ticketing. With their robust infrastructure and timely updates, you’ll never have to worry about cloud services again.

You’ll get:

  • Application and device data hosted on the cloud
  • Topnotch security features
  • Seamless scalability
  • Backes up and archives data
  • Rapid cloud deployments tailored to your requirements and budget

Backup Services

Data protection, managed backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery – are essential areas of data protection. You can leave the complete data protection process to Virteva – we’ll manage and monitor it for you. Our team can act promptly in a case where your lost data needs to be restored. 

Your crashed server will be back up before you know it. Our disaster recovery services help minimize the potential downtime you get – and you’ll have a running server before you know it – with minimal damage.

You’ll get:

  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE)
  • Multiple restore points with screenshots
  • Virtualization onsite
  • Virtualization of clouds

Hosting Services

As your company grows, you’ll feel the need to scale up. Or you might be in a mess and need to cut down your team a little. But these procedures can be costly if you’re doing them on your own.

However, you can scale your company at the rate you want with adaptable and efficient hosting solutions. You can get the best industry practices with Virteva. Scale up and down as necessary with our help – and save on unnecessary costs.

Virteva has:

  • Private or public clouds
  • Virtual computers
  • Virtual servers
  • Hosted apps and SQL

Close Collaboration

With the help of Virteva’s enterprise IT solutions, you can centrally monitor and manage your systems. Each service we provide is deployed and monitored via our Network Operations Center (NOC), so customers don’t have to buy these services separately. This lowers costs and creates a controlled environment that’s safe and optimized for business operations.

Our IT engineers collaborate closely alongside our managed IT clients, who value having access to the equipment and methods we employ to keep their systems up and running.

You get:

  • Cooperation with our engineers
  • Safe remote management
  • Data on performance in real-time
  • Review the procedure and log details
  • Live training opportunities

Wrapping It Up

So why a managed IT services provider? 

Because knowing your technology needs helps you focus on what matters most – your business. 

Virteva is based in Minnesota and is ready to help. Reach out to us here to learn more.







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