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Achieve a better CX with TREC featuring MadeComfy

Company Name: MadeComfy

MadeComfy is a hospitality business based in Australia that offers short-term rental services of apartments and houses entrusted by homeowners. The company assures that all listed properties have been carefully chosen, meet the company’s standards and that every guest will get a feel of character and comfort in their service.

Excellent service, location-wise, and quality property units have helped them achieve this growing success over the years.

The year 2020 arrived, and everyone was affected by a global crisis. MadeComfy is no exception. The impact on the business was not great, as the profit declined. Despite the pandemic, MadeComfy was still in high demand. However, the list of available premium units was insufficient to accommodate more renters. Finding and acquiring more suitable properties to add to their portfolio is the most difficult challenge.

To ensure the company’s survival and to save money, the management considered laying off some of its employees but did not go ahead with it. As a solution, they maximized their manpower and formed cross-functional teams to deal with the various issues facing the company. The special group is named “MadeComfy mini-pod,” and it consists of a captain and up to six team members from different business channels, including marketing, sales, and technology. The mini-pod was introduced in response to a crisis, but it is now permanent and part of MadeComfy’s operations.

Business Needs

TREC Australia hosted a Boardroom Presentation event in 2019. It turns out that MadeComfy’s CEO attended the event. Fast forward to 2022, a reconnection happened.

MadeComfy was looking to partner up with a contact center in the Philippines to upskill their operational process. As previously mentioned, due to high demand, handling customer queries can be challenging.

  • MadeComfy needed a seamless approach to support mass guest inquiries across various channels in the most efficient and professional manner.

  • Improve the call abandonment rate with the active support of agents to keep the business running smoothly, especially during peak hours.

MadeComfy’s target was to have 14 full-time equivalents (FTE) for the business.


MadeComfy sought a flexible vendor with a similar culture and values, but most importantly, an expert in local Australian account management. MadeComfy chose TREC Australia after a thorough evaluation of other BPO providers.

The decision was based on the expertise presented about the business and the professionalism of the TREC team, as well as the loyalty of the employees, recognizing how many have been with the company for over 10 years. That further gave MadeComfy such a strong impression that they decided to push-through.

TREC Australia’s Director, Scott Wooden, facilitated the first meeting with MadeComfy’s decision-makers, Roman, Simon, and Peata. The following meetings were primarily supervised by Jackie Guillen, TREC’s Senior Team Lead, with coordination and assistance from Michael Gozon, TREC’s Operations Manager, and Donna Portales, TREC’s Manager.

The Manila team concluded to provide MadeComfy with an Inbound Solution. This includes phone, email, and live chat support to fully support MadeComfy’s guest experience journey.


MadeComfy has successfully launched its partnership with TREC Australia, taking their business to the next level.

  • Achieved a streamlined customer experience for better customer retention.
  • High call volumes are now efficiently managed while delivering call quality.
  • Access to a dedicated support team and real-time metrics of agents

MadeComfy saw a significant improvement in their abandoned rate in just one month after working with TREC Australia.

The GX Manila team’s efforts have led to an abandoned rate of about 5%, compared to MadeComfy’s usual result of 17%.

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