Case Study

Mental Health and Wellbeing Destination: A Microsoft 365 Success Story

Company Name: LifeSpeak Inc.

LifeSpeak Inc. is a whole-person wellbeing solution for organizations that helps employees surmount day-to-day obstacles related to mental health, physical health, and caregiving. They provide employees and their families with access to expertise so that they may return to a healthier and more productive state.


Our first step in realizing a bigger vision for LifeSpeak Inc. was to assist them in recognizing the potential of Microsoft 365. We then created a strategic plan that focused on establishing a solid global IT support system, integrating and consolidating their IT environment from five tenants into one. Throughout the process, we prioritized maintaining a secure and positive user experience.


LifeSpeak Inc. aimed to upgrade and modernize its IT infrastructure to better serve its employees and consumers. To achieve this goal, they sought a migration from Google Suite, Slack, and Dropbox to Microsoft 365. They also needed help with technical support, boosting end-user productivity, and ensuring security.


LifeSpeak Inc. and Virteva collaborated to deliver a Microsoft 365 workshop. The workshop aimed to emphasize what products and services they already owned as part of their Microsoft 365 licensing, as well as provide insight into where they could realize a return on investment through those services and save money by offboarding third-party solutions.

Based on the workshop’s success, Virteva partnered with LifeSpeak Inc. once more to conduct a comprehensive IT assessment by examining their environment, interviewing their employees, and creating a detailed valuation document that included comprehensive environment information and recommendations for areas in which they can both improve and reduce costs.

Following the assessment report, Virteva assisted LifeSpeak Inc. in consolidating four lesser IT organizations under a single Microsoft technical platform tenant. Virteva also provided training and white glove support during the migration of employees from a smaller platform to Microsoft 365.


As a result of the workshop, assessment, and migration work, LifeSpeak Inc. has simplified, modernized, and consolidated its IT infrastructure, which resulted in better user experiences, actionable reporting, and reduced cost.

LifeSpeak works with Virteva as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), providing a technical help desk, end-user computing, and security support. As a result of our partnership, Virteva has helped LifeSpeak Inc. significantly increase its Microsoft Secure score rating by 25% (58 to 72) and improve end-user satisfaction and faith in IT over the last quarter.

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