Seven Tips to Unlocking the Power of MSFT Teams

Apr 20, 2023

Microsoft Teams has quickly become a communication and collaboration platform for businesses worldwide. Its wide range of features allows teams to collaborate effectively, organize tasks, and manage projects. It reached 270 million users in 2022, up from the 145 million it reported in 2021.

However, understanding and mastering the various features is critical to unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Teams. In this blog post, we share 10 essential tips for getting the most out of Microsoft Teams for your business, focusing on improving collaboration and productivity. 

  1. Organize your teams and channels.

Create teams and channels representing your organizational structure, projects, or topics. Use channels to separate conversations, files, and notes on specific topics. Also, consider using private channels for sensitive information accessible only to a select group of team members. 

  1. Use tags for quick communication.

Using tags to categorize team members based on role, expertise, or other attributes, can use tags. Tags let you quickly notify specific groups without having to mention each one. This streamlines communication and ensures that the right team members receive relevant notifications. 

  1. Customize your notifications

Customize Microsoft Teams notifications to avoid information overload and stay productive. Adapt them to your work style, minimizing distractions and ensuring you stay on top of important updates. Customize notification settings for specific teams, channels, or individuals. 

  1. Harness the power of apps and integrations.

Microsoft Teams offers dozens of apps and integrations to improve team collaboration and productivity. Explore the Microsoft Teams App Store and choose the app that fits your business needs, like task management tools, research, and analytics. And integrate Microsoft Teams with external tools and services like CRM systems and project management software to centralize workflows. 

  1. Collaborate effectively with co-authoring

Microsoft Teams allows multiple people to edit a document, spreadsheet, or presentation simultaneously. Called co-authoring, this real-time collaboration feature fosters effective teamwork and streamlines the document editing process. To use co-authoring, upload your files to the appropriate channel or chat and give access to your team members. 

  1. Streamline meetings with scheduling and recording.

Use Microsoft Teams to schedule meetings, send invitations, and set agendas. Also, use the recording feature to record meetings and share them with team members who couldn’t attend. This keeps everyone current and ensures no valuable insights and decisions are lost. 

  1. Master keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts save time and help you navigate Microsoft Teams more efficiently. Familiarize yourself with the most common keyboard shortcuts. B. Ctrl+N for new chat, Ctrl+E for search, Ctrl+Shift+M for in-call mute/unmute microphone.

In conclusion, Microsoft Teams can be a valuable tool for enhancing collaboration and productivity within a team, provided it is used effectively.

For organizations without dedicated IT support, maximizing the benefits of Microsoft Teams can be challenging.

That’s where we come in. 

As a Microsoft Modern Workplace Solutions Partner, we offer expertise and support to help organizations optimize their use of Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams.

We help businesses can ensure they harness the full potential of Microsoft Teams so they can focus on their core competencies of growing their business. To learn more about how Virteva can help enhance team collaboration and productivity using Microsoft Teams, visit

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