Seven Top Benefits of a Managed IT Services Provider

Aug 23, 2022

A managed IT service provider is a team of third-party experts that provide services to companies.

A managed IT services team can reduce the pressure on your internal team and give you more time to focus on the more important stuff. At the same time, you’ll leave things like cyber-security to the MSP team – a team you’ll be getting at a more affordable price, which will be better than hiring a completely new unit.

Here, we’ll cover managed services benefits your company can get by hiring a managed IT service provider.

Let’s go.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are support and services provided by a third-party using cloud-based software. They typically offer 24/7 services, proactive assistance, and repair services – sometimes, they’ll fix an issue before the primary team even realizes it – reducing the need for one in general.

Managed IT assistance includes remote network management and monitoring, managed video conferencing and other tools for teamwork, server upkeep, cloud-based storage, virtual machine management, cybersecurity precautions, and more.

Managed services benefits include cost savings, 24/7 IT services and support, lessened pressure on your internal IT employees, and more time to focus on the important stuff. It can be less expensive and provide you with more guarantee that your systems will function when you need them.

Here are seven managed services benefits.

Avoid Operation Costs

Hiring and running a team for anything means incurring significant fixed expenses, such as salaries, bonuses, healthcare, and office maintenance. Also, teaching staff members cost money and energy, so they’re comfortable with your current procedures and systems’ costs. 

By handing over the management of your IT projects to experts, you can avoid making costly capital investments that offer very little value to your company yet come with more operating expenses. 

Managed IT services help minimize your IT costs related to capital expenses. For example, managed capabilities let you save money on:

  • Consulting
  • Licensing
  • Training
  • Emergency repairs

By signing a managed service agreement, you save both time and money.

Best People For The Best Price

Another managed services benefit is that you’ll get access to a team with the education, expertise, and certifications necessary for your business. You don’t need to find and recruit them yourself because a managed services provider will give you access to excellent IT administrators with the necessary skill sets. 

When your firm works with an IT support provider, you can swiftly and easily integrate the newest technology available on the market – at the best prices.

More Time Where It’s Needed

In many organizations, critical personnel spend so much time on routine activities that they have little time to think about long-term strategies for your company. Consider your IT department. They can give too much effort to handling the bugs, lessening time to research initiatives that’ll grow your company.

Working with an MSP can eliminate problematic legwork. An MSP can manage your essential systems to maximize uptime, giving you more time to concentrate on keeping up to speed where it’s necessary.

An Effective Cybersecurity Team

Organizations have just begun to fully comprehend the security dangers they’re open to and the need for a secure cybersecurity strategy. A security professional, or team, must work full-time to stay on top of this.

However, hiring a full-time team specifically for this isn’t feasible for most companies. Unfortunately, this increases your risk of outages, data breaches, ransomware, and other issues.

When you work with a managed IT service provider, their security professionals will join your team as an addition. They’ll also have essential software that detects breaches and can deal with them before it even happens. Don’t get a breach in the first place with a skilled team under your belt.

All Day Support

In a time when the whole world is your customer base, you can’t be slowed by outages. That’s why having a 24//365 service team is essential for your team to remain productive, even during high traffic times.

Help is constantly accessible for your users when a managed service provider is there. Be it during the day, night, weekends, or holidays.

Easier Scaling

IT infrastructure and systems cost a lot. It’s expensive to scale an IT company. Predicting running costs as your company can be challenging when IT investments are made. These costs can be combined into a single, fixed price when outsourced to managed services providers. 

Hardware malfunctions, maintenance, and repairs can be factored into this because managed service providers usually operate with fixed monthly costs. So they won’t put a serious dent in your finances when they happen haphazardly.

Further, scaling abilities and resources up or down as needed is simple. For instance, you can rely on your MSP if you’re in the middle of an ERP implementation process and need more help. No need to go through the hiring procedure. Just update your service level agreement.

A Reliable Backup

Your in-house employees are more likely to know your business and sector specifics. However, top-notch MSPs will always try to become intimately aware of your business, products, USPs, and sector.

An assigned customer service manager who serves as your only point of contact and the liaison between you and the vendors should be able to identify and address any problems on your behalf quickly. 

You will always have a secondary contact if your customer service manager is unavailable for any reason (for instance, if they are ill or on annual leave), ensuring that you always get the support you need.

Wrapping It Up

Focus on the things that matter the most, whether you’re an experienced professional or a business leader. Get the benefit of a whole IT department’s commitment, expertise, and concentration on delivering your core business. 

While a managed services provider assists you with mundane and time-consuming responsibilities, you and your team can focus on complex projects and scale your company.

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